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Pk Rs. 16,000

Mechanism for selecting
most effected families

Standard of Education in Rural hilly areas
Standard of education in rural areas is deplorable to say the least. Generations after generations are being wasted due to weak teachers, cheating in exams, impassive teachers who get the pay and do other businesses instead of teaching in Govt. schools.  The condition of private schools is no better. They hire teachers with less pay who have passed their exam through this system and are almost illiterate.
We wanted school teachers for one of our school. Two ladies came for the job. One was B.A. and other F.A. We gave them our paper that we give to class three and class four for scholarship. They had 4 to 5 years experience in teaching. Both failed miserably. One scored 13/100 and other 23/100. This is the state of affair of education in these areas.
The present education standard in these areas is such that it produces only waiters and drivers and helpers. The affluent has migrated to cities where their children are getting better education and they will progress more in life and the poor left behind in villages at the mercy of these hardly educated and indifferent teachers and cheating mafia will be getting poorer due to lack of proper education. To bring them out of this deprivation we intend to establish a school in which orphan and children of the poor will be given good quality free basic education. Our experience of last 6 years in education sector of these areas has shown us that these students are not capable of progressing in education due to their basic deficiencies at primary level. If in addition to proper education at primary level, the traits of hard work, inquisitiveness and will to learn is inculcated in them, they will be able to progress in further studies and life.
To instill habit of hard work we had initiated programs that are in place for the last 5 years. Through this program we take test of the students and give scholarship to those who qualify our test. In this program about 650 students from 50 to 60 schools participated each year. It has helped in motivating students and has made teachers and parents conscious of the state of education in the schools. It has helped in inspiring students, teachers and parents. There is positive improvement in the system. 
Our efforts in the field of education are continuing for the progress of education in these areas through following initiatives:
a.            Established 200 scholarships for bright students. These are given through our own test conducted once a year for the last five years as mentioned above. 
b.           Providing scholarships to poor talented students for college and University education. In that we have helped 97 students so far. Two have qualified as engineers, 5 has qualified BBA Exam & four are now pursuing Engineering degree, three are in Software degree program, one is in medical college, 6 are in BBA/MBA program & 8 are in B.A./B.Sc  programs. Every year we support 15 to 20 students. Only poor and orphan students are given this scholarship.
c.            We have established two middle schools for girl’s education and one English medium primary school. Girls middle schools were establish because the girls could not go to far off middle schools after primary education due to sensitivities attached with far off schools, where they had to go foot. The path to school passed through jungles and isolated places. Parents were not sending their daughter to middle schools and girls were deprived of the education. In our school education id free.
d.           We have established two computer centers in remote villages to impart computer knowledge there.
e.            We have established one English medium school in a village where education is free.
Project for Ramadan Kareem
We are in the process of taking a new initiative to give better education to the orphans and very poor children in the big villages. This will put pressure on the affluent to demand better education for their children and the private schools to improve their standard.
Better education to marginalized segment of the society (orphans and very poor children).
Now we are taking a new initiative though which we will open schools in rented building in populated areas where only orphans and very poor children will be admitted. They will be equipped with best education by hiring better teachers with better pay package. We want to establish a high quality basic education school that will concentrate on Primary education only. For this one portion of this proposed facility will be meant for a school to impart high quality education to all the inhabitants, particularly the poor segment of the society.
We will close our other program of 200 school scholarships through competitive exam elaborated above. Its donation was for initially 4 years. It has already lasted 5 years.

Total Financial Support per family to sustain Ramadan

We will support 50 students
in first phase through this project

Project Location

Village Sataura, Thesil Havelian, District Abbottabad. Pakistan

Project Cost for educating one child
Rs. 16,000

We are planning the school for 50 orphan and poor children. The cost of each orphan. Tuition fee + Hiring of building (Rs. 500 per month for 2 years) = Rs. 12,000
Books and copies per child for 2 years + Uniform = Rs. 4000.

Accountability to Donors

We will provide the details about the student, his/her address, photo and mobile no of nearest relative to talk to them. They will be provided with the progress of the student on yearly basis.

Contact Details

Col Mushtaq Ahmad ®
22 – D, Captain Umar Zaib shaheed road , Sector D,
Defense Housing Authority Phase – 1, Islamabad-46600.
E Mail; Col_mushtaq@hotmail.com
Tel : + 92 (51) 5788070 or + 92 (51) 2528180
Mob: (+92)  0333-5195933. 

Bank Details

“Pravalli Welfare Trust” A/C No  - 20556-5  National Bank of Pakistan, Shalimar Plaza Rawalpindi Cantt, Pakistan.
(Bank Code 1623), Swift Code: “NBPAPKKA2R” 
It is our experience that it is not possible to send money to a charity trust from some countries in the Middle East, therefore please send through Western Union. You will be provided receipts for your money.

How to Participate?

As each project is of fixed amount. You may select as many as you wish but note that during Ramadan we will be brining you more projects of similar nature so you may like to keep some Zaqat on side for other projects.
To book a project please drop a line to Pakistan@ContactPakistan.com

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