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For pakoras:
basin 1 1/2 cups
red chili 1 tsp
salt 1 tsp
coriander seeds 1 tsp
chat masala 1 tsp
dried crushed methi leaves 2 pinches
water enough to make a semi thick paste
For curry:
baisin (Gram flour) 6 tbsp
water 1.15 litre
curd 1/2 kg
spring onions 3
curry pattas (Leaves) 12
ginger 1/2 tsp
garlic 5 cloves
green chilies 4
red chilies powder 2 1/2 tsp
salt 2 tsp or as per taste
red chilies whole pods 4
cooked cumin powder 1 tsp
cumin 1tsp (for garnish)
oil 1/2 cup (for garnish)

Mix all ingredients well with enough amount of water to make a semi thick paste. Heat oil enough for deep frying in a deep frying pan. Put the paste in little amounts in the well heated oil with the help of a tbsp. Fry pakoras on medium heat. Mix baisin, water, curd, 6 curry pattas, spring onions, green chilies, garlic, ginger, cumin powder and red
chilies powder in a heavy based pot and cook on low heat until it becomes half in quantity. The curry will turn a little thick can add water if you want to make it thin. Add the prepared pakoras and salt in the curry.
For Tempering ( Bikhar)
Heat oil in a frying pan. Put Cummins, red chilly pods and curry patta. Fry well and put in the prepared curry. Your curry is ready to serve. Eat with boiled rice or as it is. You will love the delicious taste.

1 tsp. of mint juice mixed with an equal amount of honey and lemon juice is a good cure for indigestion.

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Top 8
Cancer Signs

The eight unexplained symptoms most closely linked to cancer have been highlighted by researchers.
Eight signs of cancer
Blood in urine
Coughing up blood
Difficulty swallowing
Breast lump or mass
Post-menopausal bleeding
Abnormal prostate test
Rectal blood

The Keele University team also points to the age at which patients should be most concerned by the symptoms, which include blood in urine and anaemia.
The other symptoms are: rectal blood, coughing up blood, breast lump or mass, difficulty swallowing, post-menopausal bleeding and abnormal prostate tests.
Cancer Research UK said unusual changes in a person's health should be checked.
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The researchers were looking for symptoms which gave a one in 20 or higher chance of turning out to be cancer.
Although this still represents a relatively low chance of anyone with the symptom having the disease, any suspicion of cancer can mean that the patient is sent for tests more quickly, in order to catch the disease as early as possible.
The figure for each symptom was calculated by combining the results of 25 previous studies.
They found that, if the patient was below the age of 55, there were only two signs which reached the 'one-in-20' threshold.
These were a rectal prostate examination which gave abnormal results, and a breast lump.
After 55, but only in men, there was evidence that difficulty swallowing could be a sign of oesophageal cancer, while blood in the urine was highlighted as a particular concern for men and women aged over 60.
"So if you notice an unusual or persistent change in your body it's important to get it checked out. When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, treatment is often more likely to be successful."


Pakistan is Flooding
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 Celebrating Eid  

Friends, the holy month of Ramadan has almost passed by. It is the last ten days of Ramzan that are left. The nights of these days are told to be the most precious As Allah Merciful invites His men to ask for whatever he wants from Lord. Let us devote ourselves fully then and beseech Allah to get His favors. Let us pray for the solidarity of our country and relief from all the calamities that it has been facing for the past few years.
The Eid-ul-Fitar is just around the corner now. On Eid, as per the norm, people get new clothes, shoes, accessories to ornament themselves. There is jubilation all around. Though this year too, Eid will be celebrated with religious fervor, let us not forget the millions of flood-effected people. Pakistan faces a terrible time at the moment with the worst ever floods in its history. Around twenty million people are out there, in the flood-affected regions, many without shelter and means of survival. The flood has devastated Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, large swathes of land, villages and crops in Punjab and wreaked havoc in Sindh. The images of marooned people are burnt on our minds. How can then one’s heart agree in spending bucks on new clothes and shoes when your own country men do not have a morsel of food to feed their family?
The flood has created havoc not only on country’s infra structure but it has devastated our agriculture as well. It destroyed up to two million bales of cotton. 500,000 tons of wheat got lost in flood. We as a nation have to set straight our priorities. We can’t afford to be consumer oriented society anymore. We have to become saving oriented. We need to cut our spending on extravaganza. The flood water did not differentiate between village and city, fields or farms…it ate all that came in its way. We need resources to rebuild everything.
Let this eid, be marked by our strengthened unity. Let us donate the share of our budget set aside for eid shopping to our friends in need. Let us save them from death and disease. Who knows your money might buy a medicine to help save a child who’s dying due to water borne disease, who knows your eidi that you wanted to spend on Mac burger saved a child dying from starvation, who knows your eidi helped the poor farmer rebuild his home that was swept away by the flood.
Let us use our minds to think of ideas how to effectively distribute collected funds to rebuild these people’s lives. Let us unite and rebuild our Pakistan on this Eid.
Wish you all a blessed and happy Eid.

Wa-alikum-us- salam

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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