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Exclusive Recipe


Mexican Black Bean Burrito)
2 cups black beans , canned
1\2 cup jar chunky salsa
1 medium onion, cut into small cubes
1 medium bell pepper, seeded and chopped
2 - tomatoes, diced
2 teaspoon chilli powder
2 cups lettuce, shredded
8-10 inch corn tortillas
- - sour cream
- - cheddar cheese, grated

How to Cook:
1. In a large bowl mix the black beans, salsa, onion, peppers and chili powder. If possible refrigerate over night to enhance the flavor.
2. Microwave the bean mixture for about 2 minutes or heat over low heat for 5 minutes. Add little water if the mixture is too thick.
3. Spread one tablespoon of sour cream in the center of the burrito, then place three tablespoons of the mixture over the cream and a layer of tomato, lettuce and cheese. 4. Fold the ends and then roll up. Microwave until just heated through.
5. Serve with extra sour cream and salsa.
This recipe serves 6 people.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes.
Cooking Time: 30 minutes.

Serving Options:
Serve Hot

Preserve dry fruits and sugar
All you have to do is add a couple of cloves to the same container as the dry fruits. Same goes for sugar.

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Meningitis C vaccine 'wears off in early teens'
There has been a campaign to immunise children against meningitis

Three-quarters of children vaccinated against meningitis C lose their protection against the disease by their early teens, research suggests.

The Oxford team which did the work says its findings fuel calls for a booster jab to be offered to adolescents.
The study of 250 children aged six to 12, presented to a European conference, looked at immunity seven years after the jab was given.

UK experts agreed a booster may be needed in the future.
The research was carried out by the Oxford Vaccine Group at Oxford University.
The group tested the children, who had all been vaccinated against meningitis C, for levels of antibodies against the bacteria in their bloodstream.
It was found that just 25% of the children had sufficiently high levels of the antibodies to give them protection against the disease.

The researchers say that British children are still protected against the potentially fatal bacteria at the moment, through the existence of herd immunity.
That means that vaccination has significantly reduced the level of meningitis in the population, and so even people who are not vaccinated are also protected.
But the researchers, led by Professor Andrew Pollard, told the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) meeting in Nice, France, that if herd immunity starts to decline many children will be vulnerable.

'All time low'
Professor Pollard said: "This study is just the latest to show that the personal protection given by meningitis C vaccines in early childhood doesn't last forever and several countries have now responded to these findings by introducing teenage boosters, before protection fails in the population."
Falling immunity levels against meningitis C vaccination have been reported in Greece, the Netherlands and Spain.
Austria, Canada and Switzerland have already introduced booster jabs.
Dr Jamie Findlow, deputy head of the Health Protection Agency's Vaccine Evaluation Unit in Manchester, said: "By giving each teenager a booster dose of meningococcal vaccine as they are entering adolescence, we can ensure that they are protected when they most need it."

Professor Ray Borrow, head of the unit, said: "Parents should not be worried - at the moment cases of meningitis C are at an all time low.
"In 2008-2009 in England and Wales there were just 13 cases - and nine of these were in adults over 25 who may not have been vaccinated.
"We and other researchers are looking at how and when a booster could be introduced, but it doesn't have to come tomorrow."

He said herd immunity should last until around 2015.
Sue Davie, chief executive of the Meningitis Trust said the Oxford team's research raised "significant concerns". "Vaccination is the only way to prevent meningitis and save lives. We support the use of safe and effective vaccines and encourage people to receive the vaccines that are currently available.

"If, as a result of this research, a booster programme is introduced, we would actively encourage the introduction of this."

A Department of Health spokeswoman said: "The number of cases of meningococcal C disease is currently very low.

"All new research on vaccines will be reviewed by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation."

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Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad uqaili
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Currently practicing Family Medicine at National Guard Hospital, Dammam
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Tips for maintaining your car during Summer!

1. Park in the Shade
Too obvious? Walk a few extra steps if you see a tree nearby. Be aware, however, that trees mean birds, and you may have debris or bird droppings on your car when you return. If you can't park in the shade, pick the best direction. Say you're at the mall at 3 p.m. Which is the best way to park? The sun sets in the west, so you don't want to be facing west. Try to park in the direction where the sun will be shining on your rear window or passenger side for most of the time it will be parked.

2. Window Tinting/Sunshades
Mitigate some of the effects of the sun by having your windows tinted. Arizona's laws regarding window tinting are not as strict as the window tinting laws in many other states. Basically, Arizona law says that the front side windows must allow at least 35% of light to pass through the tint. If window tinting isn't in your budget right now, then you can eliminate some of the heat by purchasing a windshield sunshade that you place on the inside of your windshield when you leave your car. This prevents the sun from beating on your dashboard and steering wheel. Dashboards don't like the sun or heat. If you don't cover them, they will fade and crack. Steering wheels, of course, get extremely hot, cause burns to the touch, and cause unsafe driving when you can't really grip the wheel. There are also removable side window screens, if you have passengers in the rear who want a little relief from the sun on long road trips.

3. Service Your Vehicle
In hot dry climates, cars need special care. Frequent oil changes and belt checks are a must. Batteries die faster than everyone thinks they will. Make sure fluids are full.

4. Items You Should Have in Your Car
Common sense says that you should always have a spare tire and a first aid kit. Here are some additional items that you might not think of if you aren't used to living in a hot climate.

Extra water, for drinking and/or for the car.
Steering wheel cover. A cloth cover (not leather) make allow you to comfortably handle the steering wheel after the vehicle has been standing in the sun. You can also use a small towel or handkerchief. If you don't have a windshield sunshade, place the small towel on a leather seat before you leave the car so you can get in and sit down when you return. If you've never had the experience of sitting on leather when you're wearing shorts, and that car has been outside in 40+ degrees for a couple of hours....ouch!
Snacks, such as granola bars or small bags of crackers.
Cooler or insulated shopping bag. If you are shopping and you have a bit of time before you can get home, a cooler with an ice pack or insulated shopping bag will keep those frozen items from melting, or that fresh fish safe, before you get there.
Cell phone, so you can call if you get lost or get into trouble.
First aid kit. Items you should consider include ice packs, ace bandages, wrist brace, sunscreen, tweezers, x-acto blade, batteries, (girl stuff), and various meds like Panadol..
Emergency kit. Items you should consider include a flashlight, flares, jumper cables, blanket, extra clothes and gloves, paper towels, and some basic tools like wrenches, a ratchet and sockets, screwdrivers and pliers.
5. Items you Should Not Have in Your Car
Think about it--does it make sense to buy a milk chocolate candy bar and leave it in your car in the heat? Believe me, no matter how smart we all think we are, at one time or another we've been dopey and left something we shouldn't have in the car. Hopefully, there wasn't a large cleaning bill as a result.

Milk and other dairy products.
Anything packaged under pressure, like hair spray or soda pop.
Tapes, CDs, or DVDs.
Sunscreen in a bottle. Buy little packets or towelettes.
Crayons, candy, gum, lipstick.
Credit cards or other cards with magnetic strips on plastic.
Cleaning solutions with alcohol or ammonia.
Anything that didn't have a decent smell before it reached 40+ isn't going to smell any better after it's been left exposed in direct sunlight all day.
After shopping, check your trunk carefully to make sure nothing has fallen out of the grocery bags. You really don't want to find those eggs or that salami a week later.

Send your question/suggestion/comment or its team does not incur upon itself any legal responsibility regarding below community service.

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Brain Teasers
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Have fun while practicing your math through lots of cool games, activities, and animated demonstrations. Includes coloring pages for young kids, and helpful sections for teachers and parents.

 The Healer  
Friends, I hope all of you are doing well.
We have many a times heard and also experienced that life is not a bed of roses. Every one has to face challenges in his/her life. But there is solution to all the problems. Simply clinging to them and complaining wont lead us anywhere. We have to deal with them. The problems are like an illness that needs to be cured. Some might opt not to go for treatment while others will. The people who decide to sort out their problems and meet the challenges are like those who seek medical advice from medical experts. The people who do nothing to solve their dilemma are like ill people who are reluctant in getting medical help for the cure of their ailment.
Lets hear a story about two friends who were diagnosed with a similar fatal disease. The doctors told that the cure to their ailment exists but the process of treatment is such that it would change their life forever, for their families might disown them, and friends could turn their backs on them. One man was not willing to have this change and declined the offer of medical help. Initially all went fine but later the disease began to consume his life. His declining health made him quit his job and with the lost of income source, his friends and family disappeared too. As he spent his last days in bed, he repented on his decision of ignoring doctors’ advice.
The other man who had decided to take the cure also experienced change in his life. As he followed medical advice, his family left him for they thought he was just wasting money. His friends betrayed him. He wasn’t happy at what the doctors had suggested him but he kept on following their advice. However, after some time he began to get better. His improving health now allowed him to focus more precisely on his job and hence he was able to secure promotion. His family returned and he successfully made new friends. Life that earlier seemed dull seemed to him like a gift now. He was thankful to God for making him take the cure.
Folks, the above example is just a way to illustrate that our problems are also like some sickness. If we hold on to them and ignore them they will begin to consume us. They will take over our life and no matter what we do, we won't be able to get rid of them. But if we take our problems to God, pray to Him to solve the matters for us and take His advice, He can heal us. He has the cure for any problem we might have. The treatment may seem tough to us, but the cure will make us thank Almighty.
Wa-alikum-us- salam

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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