BY: Ms. Amna Tariq


I have a friend who is a crazy admirer of a Rolls Royce. She owns a big family car that perfectly meets her family’s needs. It is spacious enough to accommodate her family of four, has a child seat in which her toddler can be safely buckled, the seats can be reclined to a semi bed posture. In short, it was a handsome vehicle for their family. Yet, she would always yearn for Rolls Royce. Sometimes, when I would ride with her, I would ask her to maintain her car as it looked so messy with all junk one could imagine in the car- candy wrappers, empty drink cans, scraps of papers… Her reply would be, “I will keep my Rolls tidy”.  Lately , I met her a week ago after she returned from three weeks vacations with her family. And when I sat in her car I was amazed at what it had transformed into. No…it hadn’t become a Rolls Royce. It was the same car but so much neater and it smelled so nice too. I looked at the car’s interior and then her and then back to the car. She laughed and told me to get in lest we get late for our shopping spree. On the way, I asked her she got to tell me what had happened to bring this change. She told me of her chance to drive a Rolls Royce during her leisure vacation. She said I enjoyed driving it but it is no match to my ‘dear’ car. Rolls Royce does not have enough headroom. My kids were not comfortable in it. The seats would not recline as much as my car’s seats do. So for now, my car is my Rolls Royce, rather much better than it. And if I would not like the Rolls to be junked up why shall I have my dear car messy.
As I sat back and smelled the sweet lavender that her car now smelled of, I thought how we treat something depends so much on how we view and value it. It applies from small commodities to far bigger things like relationships. You have problems with your neighbors, but compare them with some others and you will find they have more virtues than you had previously not thought of. It always does look greener on the other side of the fence but only till you get there. You have arguments with your spouse but he/she has so many qualities that you would never want to bargain for another. If you are at a point in life where things seem to be dull, just change the prospective and you will find everything illuminated.
Till next time…enjoy fruitful thoughts