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YouthQuake The Gift of Forgiving

YouthQuake – Shaking Generation

By Aymen Zaheer aymen.zaheer@gmail.com

Ask the young. They know everything.  --Joseph Joubert


The above quote inspires me to start writing concerning about today's youth, and the title YouthQuake focuses about the youth movement and its revolution.


Youth in today's society construct some ideal personality in their minds, because of the character showed by their role models. They want to be dressed and show up and look like their ideal role models. They also want to become an individual that wants to do something different which no one can do. And this factor alone has now become a challenge in today's youth to rise and shine.


As far as today's youth is concerned, they are like an alluvial soil. Just we need to provide them a right kind of seed, enough moisture and there you go. They will climb and surmount all obstacles and cross the limits of the sky.


"Every generation needs a new revolution. -- Thomas Jefferson


As we see the above quote, we observe that today's youths are very mature and responsible. And this maturity comes from the life they go through and various stresses that they face. On the other hand, in retrospect we that the youths of the bygone days were taken as child only and no one took them seriously. But now – in the 21st century things have changed far more in a revolutionary manner than one could imagine.



If properly groomed and nurtured, the youth of today has all the potential of taking up responsibilities – much beyond their elders can imagine. 


As can be seen, now the youth is accomplishing many more things in their lives. They now create their own youth parliament and select their ministers for providing a better platform for discourse on national issues of concern.


Each generation should be made to bear the burden of its own wars, instead of carrying them on, at the expense of other generations. -- James Madison


Thus, new kinds of youth minds are rising day by day. As we feel youth is willing to develop the quality of trust on them. They have all the potential, abilities, capacities, energy and above all the much needed desire to bring about change in their lives and in the society that they live in. Given the opportunity they certain can act as agents of change and revolutionize the decadent system that the society is now burdened with.


Youth gets together with their materials to build a bridge to the moon or maybe a palace on earth; then in middle age they decide to build a woodshed with them instead.  --Henry David Thoreau


The above mention quote shows the youth is the most beneficial with the extent of time. Youths of today want to improve things around them. If encouraged and motivated, they have all the necessary tools in them to bring about that improvement that they are looking for.


It is important to realize and accept that the youth of today are builder of the nations of tomorrow. Therefore, they deserve to be taken seriously.


In the end, we all have to consider that a single voice can start a YouthQuake and convert into a shaking generation. Let's therefore join hands together for a YouthQuake and show the world that we as youths matter and should be taken seriously.