Technology is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants.

It is important to understand and realize that Technology is moving at a breakneck speed,

and it seems almost every day a new innovation can lead to life altering changes. Just imagine

and think back to just a few years ago. So much of the exciting technology that we now take

for granted either didn't or barely existed.


Please read on below to find out about five of the biggest technological advances that are

shaping the future of our lives.


1. Touchscreens


Technically, the first touchscreen was invented in the 1970s, but it's safe to say the technology has exploded into the mainstream in the last few years. Progress has been swift, and what was once a rare commodity is now commonplace on millions of all-in-one personal computers, MP3 players, cell phones, ATMs and more. And there seems to be no reason for this expansion to slow, as touchscreens replace more and more traditional displays. The impact touchscreen technology is likely to have on our future is enormous.



2. Netbooks


The first netbook, according to everybody was produced in 2007, and it has since taken the world by storm. But the netbook doesn't just represent a low-cost computer. Sure, it has helped bring portable computing into millions of homes for which a full-priced laptop was out of reach. Thanks in large part to netbooks, laptops are not just everywhere (they started outselling desktops globally in late 2008), but they are different. Just take a look at Intel's latest Pine Trail chips to see that netbooks aren't getting faster - but they are getting more compact and more power efficient.






3. Mobile Broadband


Mobile broadband isn't new. Also, it wasn't long ago that these sort of devices were just for high powered Executives. But now folks like you and me can pick one up for $100 or less if you sign a service contract. In the same vein, one can find a similar deal on a 3G enabled netbook these days. And this growing trend is just the first reason why the next technology is about to reshape our future. I refer here to 4G. Yes, 4G could ultimately bring the internet - the real internet - to the mobile experience. 3G speeds are fast enough that people can tolerably use it when they need it, but it's nothing like their connections at home. 4G will be, and it will make 3G feel like dial-up. Accessing the internet from your phone or netbook on the go could feel just like accessing it from home, streaming HD video and all



4. Electric Cars


Electric cars have been a pipe dream for years now, but they have finally hit the consumer market in 2010. Cars are everywhere, and "crazy" ideas like the electric car have been grouped in with the hover car and

futuristic robotic cars that drive themselves. Yet now, for the first time, we are on the brink of seeing a deluge of models that are consumer ready, including models in the $25K-$35K range from major manufacturers. All of them can handle the average daily commute without gasoline. Know anybody driving a Toyota Prius? In 2010 we already have a plug-in model. And the much heralded Chevy Volt was also made available in 2010. You think these cars and others like them won't shape the future of the auto industry, which will in turn affect the billions of drivers worldwide? This technology is finally ready to make an impact, and it could be huge.



5. Brain Reading


If electric cars didn't seem far-reaching enough at first blush, brain reading had almost the opposite effect - it seems a little too out there. It's much closer than you thought. There were two devices that can read your brain waves that made it onto our list of toys for the holiday season last week. Brain reading toys. Yes, it is time to realize that this is a technology that will have a tremendous impact on our future. Technology exists now to do more than just move a ball with our mind, as incredible as that may sound.  We're talking about restoring sight to the blind and communicating with people who are completely paralyzed. This is a technology on the rise, and the potential impact is tremendous. It's simply mind blowing.