Issue# 204  


BY: Ms. Amna Tariq




Folks, hope you all are doing well. A week ago, I was traveling with my family to a village on the outskirts of the city. We got late as we set off for our return journey. While we were driving back, the driver informed that the fuel tank needs to be refilled as it is running low. We had hoped to find a gas station on the high way but could spot one. Obviously, we all got worried. It was getting darker and the road did not have much lightening arrangements on it. The driver repeatedly kept on telling that the fuel tank is about to get empty. Finally, my brother spotted a gas station but as we drove to it, it said ‘out of service’. Oh God! We again set off. In few minutes the car started jerking indicating that the fuel tank is empty now. And in no time car came to a complete halt. And there we sat, with no clue now as what to do next. We started reciting prayers we could remember. Finally, a passer by car stopped and offered us help. As their car towed us to the nearest town, off the highway, a thought came to my mind.


There are numerous things on which we depend for our daily survival. God forbid, what if we had to pay for them all or they had to be refilled like the vehicles’ fuel tanks. What if we depended on humans or any creatures for these essential blessings? The five senses, the digestive system, the sunshine, the peace of mind, a good night sleep…and so on. The more I thought, the more thankful I felt for God, who has blessed us with all these without any tax or payment. And then I realized what a blessing it is to be able to call upon Allah without the need of any assistance from any one. What a direct link we have with Him. You need not ask anyone else to connect you with Him. You can pray to Him anytime, anywhere, ask Him for help, for guidance, thank Him for his blessings most of which we just take for granted. How difficult if we had to pay for the blessings on which our daily survival depends.





Let us remember to thank Allah more often. Let us be appreciative of His blessings by being more thoughtful towards His creations.


See you next time,

Allah Hafiz