Issue# 205

15th Feb 2011

Youth Roundup




By: Ali Arsalan Zaheer


"Lest We Forget" is the expression used for those nominees who did a long cultivation and gave us a farm from whom we are eating today, and they are those that never forgotten in history. The concept of this paper is to just refresh the patriotism that was too important of a subject to be given the short shrift that it presently receives in our schools and community. The principle which rules always in my mind is "To brighten the future we must illuminate the past."

My aim is to make people understand that they should remember those who fought in wars, those who lost their lives, those who faced the horror with bravery, those who destroyed their everything to save their nation. Our schools should taught our children the basic principles that have made our country great. They should know that we were not born because of any incident. Our ancestors made great effort that should make us proud. We should know the reasons that Why we love our country ?.

The reason of highlighting a quote "To brighten the future we must illuminate the past" is to learn from our past in order to save us in future from distinctions and boundaries. The example of unite nation is like a broken blood vessel as if it is broken from any edge a human body can’t survive for long.

My article subjects to reinvigorate the spirit and passion in our youth and those who predicts that no any holocaust never ever happened in the controversies of remarkable freedom fight. I remembered one of the phrase used in World War One to embrace the bravery of soldiers which is “All gave some and some gave all”. We should become from those who sacrifice all for their beloved homeland. Our history is fill with lot of examples of those braves who did extraordinary for their nation. We must think that if all of us do a little extraordinary then we can easily stand our nation in the race of developed super powers and make ourselves unbeatable.      

We are still fighting in the fragile yet firm hope that the cause of our freedom fighters, would prevail in any way. We must remember our past so that we will never allow anyone to apart us from each other. The citizens of our nation must stand together and fight for freedom and peace, regardless of ethics, race or creed. We must honor and remember martyrs... lest we forget.