Issue# 205

15th Feb 2011


By Chief Editor

Dear CP Member,
On behalf of the new editorial team of the new generation of CP KSA newsletter, I take this opportunity to welcome you all.
The long wait is now over and I do not want to stand between You and your favorite publication. We thank you for all your mails showing anger when we suspended the newsletter and the mails of smiles and best wishes when we sent you the first alert advising that Newsletter is coming back.  Once again thank you so much for being there.
You are a great patriot!

However, before you begin to browse through the same, I would like to pass on to you few words of caveats and cautions. Although lots of hard work has gone into preparing this new edition of the newsletter, it is likely that there could Still be some shortcomings and room for improvements.

Please bear with us and have trust in us. Our editorial team will take all measures to be on top of it to improve and make the newsletter better and attractive.
Finally, we would also like to update you on one important Issue. That is, in previous newsletters, the Urdu contents used to be in the graphic mode while this new edition is in Urdu Unicode. This change is implemented to promote Urdu character set over the internet as well as making it possible to Google/Search newsletter Urdu contents.

We would also welcome suggestions from our esteemed readers vis-a-vis ways and means to bring about further improvement.

Volunteers are also invited for our editorial board, design and implementation team.


Thank you and best regards. 

Tahir Butt





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