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15th Feb 2011

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"Kashmir Solidarity Day observed"  

BY: Fouzia Khan


JEDDAH-Kashmir Solidarity Day, observed every year by Pakistan on Feb. 5 to express its solidarity with the Kashmiri people. The day was marked here by functions at various forums, special gatherings at the Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh and at the residence of the Pakistani Consul General in Jeddah on 5th February 2011.

The function at Abdul Salik Khan the Pakistan consul general's residence was organized by the Jeddah Kashmir Committee. 
Abdullah A. Allim ambassador and special representative of the Secretary General of the Organization of  Islamic Conference (OIC) on Jammu and Kashmir, and Tariq Mishkhas the editor in-chief of Urdu news were the chief guests. Speakers at the function extended their support to the Kashmiri people.
“The OIC fully supports the struggle of the Kashmiri people for their legitimate right of self-determination. I would like to personally visit  Jammu and Kashmir to extend my support to the Kashmiri people, It's time to have a lasting solution of the Kashmir problem, not just to retain peace regionally but for peace on international level," said Abdullah A. Allim " OIC constantly strives at all the occasions to mobilize the legal support to Kashmiri people on international level," he added. Salik Khan read out the message of Asif  Ali Zardari the president of the Pakistan where he assured moral, government  and political support to the people of Kashmir for their struggle and cause.
The president of the Kashmir committee Masood Ahmed Puri thanked the guest of honor , Pakistan consul general, Pakistani community and Jeddah Kashmir Committee for their “active role in supporting the cause of Kashmir.” - SG
The program concluded with sumptuous dinner consisting of the culinary cuisines from various Desi delights.