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Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe


- 1\2 cup sugar
- 1\4 cup water
- 2 cups pineapple juice
- 1 cup guava nectar 
- 2 cups papaya pulp 
- 1\4 cup fresh lime juice
- 1\4 cup fresh orange juice
- Crushed ice
- mint leaves and lime slices for garnishing 

1. Cook sugar and water in a small saucepan over low heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Increase the the heat to high and bring to boil. Simmer for 1 minute and keep aside to cool completely. 

2. Mix syrup, juices and nectar in a blender at high speed until liquefied. Chill thoroughly. 

3. Fill the glasses with crushed ice, pour in the juice and garnish mint and lime. 
Serves: 8

Fed up of Roaches
Cockroach Killing:
Take baking flour (Maida), sugar, milk powder and boric acid equal in quantity. Add some water in it and knead it. Then make small balls of it and paste it on walls at a number of places in your house.
You will see all the cockroaches dead in three days and they will never come back again. If you have children, then 
please do not paste it within the reach of children.

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Large waist size linked to 'higher risk of death'

Men and women with large waists are at increased risk of dying young, a US study has found.

This is true regardless of their body mass index (BMI), research published in Archives of Internal Medicine suggests.
But very high waist measurements equivalent to UK size 24-26 in women and XXXXL in men appear to double the risk of mortality.

For the study researchers tracked more than 100,000 men and women aged 50 and older over nine years.

They also found that in women the link between a larger waist and a higher risk of death was strongest for those of normal weight.

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“Start Quote
Even if you have a normal BMI and a big tummy then you are just as much at risk as someone who is classified as obese with a large tummy”
Dr David HaslamNational Obesity Forum
More research is needed to find out why this is so, say the authors of the study.
Dr Eric Jacobs and his team at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta examined the link between waist circumference and risk of death among 48,500 men and 56,343 women.
Participants were predominantly white. At the start of the study, the average age of the men was 69 years and of the women, 67 years.

From 1997 until 2006 the deaths of any participants were tracked and the causes noted.
A total of 9,315 men and 5,332 women died during this time.
Whether participants were of normal weight, overweight or obese, researchers found that risk of death increased with increasing waist circumference.
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Continue reading the main story
This risk significantly increased in men with waists measuring 110cm or more and in women with waists measuring 95cm or more, the study found.
But it is only in men and women with very large waists (120cm or larger in men and 110cm in women) that the risk of death appears to double during the nine-year study.

The most common cause of death in those with the strongest link between mortality and waist size was respiratory disease, followed by cardiovascular disease and then cancer.
The study concludes: "Our results suggest that, regardless of weight, avoiding gains in waist circumference may reduce risk of premature mortality."
Dr David Haslam, chair of the National Obesity Forum, said the research is important.
"This underlines the message that fat inside the belly is dangerous.
"Even if you have a normal BMI and a big tummy then you are just as much at risk as someone who is classified as obese with a large tummy."
Previous studies have shown that abdominal obesity is a strong indicator for the development of coronary artery disease and is associated with insulin resistance and the development of Type 2 diabetes.
The risk is associated with the fat stores, which are not just under the skin but deep within the abdominal cavity.

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Please pass these information to all for significant contribution and to alleviate miseries of Flood Victims

In case you wish to contribute your donations and contribution in to
Pakistan Army Relief Fund , following are the account numbers for Pakistani Rupee and foreign currencies.


ACCOUNT NUMBER 0028010121825-8
Please remit proceeds to JP MORGAN CILASE BANK,NEW YORK USA.SWIFT BIC CODE :CHASU33 for the credit of Askari Bank Limited, Karachi Branch, Account number: 001-1-1678273 SWIFT BIC CODE : ASCMPKKA for onward credit to Askari Bank Limited, GHQ Branch, Rawalpindi, Pakistan A/C # 28-     FAVOURING
Please remit proceeds to : STANDARD CHARTERED BANK , 37 GRACE CHURCH STREET , LONDON, EC3V ORX , U.K. VIA SWIFT BIC  CODE :  SDBLGB2L for credit of Askari BAnk Limited , Karachi Branch Pound Sterling Account number : 01-249443401 SWIFT BIC  CODE :  ASCMPKKA for onward credit to Askari Bank Limited , GHQ Branch , Rawalpindi , Pakistan A/C # 28-     FAVOURING
Please remit proceeds to : DRESDNER BANK AG , CORPORATE AND INTERNATIONAL DIVISION, ASIA/ AUSTRALIA DEPARTMENT , FRANKFURT 60301 AM MAIN GERMANY for credit of Askari Bank Limited , Karachi Branch EURO Account number 812781500 SWIFT BIC CODE : ASCMPKKA for onward credit to : Askari Bank Limited , GHQ Branch Rawalpindi , Pakistan A/C # 28    FAVOURING


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Winner SAR:50 plus Norton Internet Security 2010. Please claim your prize before 20th August 2010

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 Rise to Reach Out   
Fellows, the holy month of Ramadan is here and we must thank Allah for being able to make to another Ramadan. May Allah enable us to observe it in its true spirit and avail it fully. Ramadan Mabrook to all of you.
It is the month of August as well…the month which is marked by celebrations to commemorate our Independence Day. However, the recent devastation caused by the worst flood that has ever occurred in the history of Pakistan has dampened this national spirit of jubilation. Daily we come across the pictures of men and women with their children on their shoulders as they make their way in waist-deep water, grim faces of flood victims most of them without a roof in the pelting monsoon rains, their faces reflecting uncertainty of what will happen in future, their hopelessness. We see heart breaking images from the flood-affected areas showing the great destruction that wild water has caused, the footage of people running after food sources in order to grab some morsel to feed their families is heart breaking. People have lost their means of livelihood. Being an agricultural country, most of our people are dependent on the yields from their crops. But the flood has destroyed it all. It has swept away the cattle of people, the livestock that were their most valued possession. The lashing monsoon rain and the resulting flood devastated large swathes of land, villages and crops. It has played havoc and people who are marooned have lost everything. The whole life saving is gone in one day. No one knows what will be for them tomorrow.
At these times, just being sympathetic towards the plea of the victims is not enough. Sitting in our home and cribbing about the situation of our country or the apathy of our politicians will not do any good to the flood victims. A lot is required to be done. The flood has set back our country by many years. But we Pakistanis are resilient and history testifies that we quickly recover with self help. We have to get up and start working towards rehabilitation. Let us unite and pool our ideas of how to help. Short term need is to survive, and long term need is to rebuild the life, and families.
Folks, the Almighty have provided a test for all Muslims to show their spirit of sharing in the Holy Month of Ramadan to rise and reach out to help our brothers in need.
Moreover, we should say astaghfar so that Allah bestows us with His mercy and save from calamities. Ameen!

Wa-alikum-us- salam

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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